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We specialize in the purchase and sale of 20th century Canadian art: Canadian Group of Painters, Contemporary Art Society artists, Automatistes and a number of independent Quebec artists.
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Qu'a tord son linge
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RIOPELLE, JEAN-PAUL, Le Homard, 1968
Founded in 2018 with the focus on selling important Canadian art by the members of the Canadian Group of Painters, the Contemporary Arts Society, Les Automatistes, and other important artists of the post-War period we aim to make their artworks more accessible by cutting overhead cost of a full-time brick-and-mortar gallery space and offering price transparency lack of which is often one of the most frustrating element in art buying process.


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Making the art buying process less intimidating, confusing or exclusive affair which are often one of the most frustrating elements in a traditional art gallery.

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