Rita Letendre


Born: Quebec, Drummondville 1928-11-01
Selected works
Rita Letendre
25 x 22 in
CAD 1200
Rita Letendre
27 1/2 x 19 1/2 in
CAD 1500
Rita Letendre
28 x 40 po
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Rita Letendre
28 x 38 in
CAD 1500
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Rita Letendre
19 x 25 1/4 in
Rita Letendre
20 x 28 in
Rita Letendre
28 x 38 in
Rita Letendre
13.5 x 17 in
Rita Letendre
Into night II
28 x 19 7/8 in
Rita Letendre
15 x 21 in
Rita Letendre
20 x 22 in
Rita Letendre’s work attracted attention in the early 1950s through her association with Paul-émile Borduas and the Montreal abstractionists known as the Automatistes. Their primary objective was the liberation of the creative force through the painted surface. Although their influence was instrumental in the evolution of her style, Letendre developed a singular vision in her body of work that resulted in an international reputation and an extensive exhibition record.
Studied at
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Montreal
Musée National du Québec, Québec
Musée Laurier
La Caisse de Dépot du Québec
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Concordia Art Gallery, Montreal
Art Gallery of Vancouver
Art Gallery of Windsor
Carleton University
Art Gallery of Ontario
Toronto Dominion Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
The Art Bank of Canada, Canada Arts Council
The Palm Springs Desert Museum Palm Springs, California
San Diego Art Gallery
The Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario
Storm King Art Center, New York
IBM Canada, Toronto
Norcen Gas Corporation, Toronto
Rothmans of Canada, Toronto
Canadian Industry Ltd. (CIL)
Shell Canada, Calgary
Ministry of External Affairs
Northern & Central Gas Corporation Collection
Continental Telephone Corporation, Dallas, TX
Speed Museum, KY
University of California, Long Beach
Radio Canada, Montreal
Long Beach Museum of Fine Arts
Moncton University
Sir George William University, Montreal

2017 Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
2016 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
2014 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
2013 Gallery Gevik, Toronto
2013 Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC
2012 Galerie Michel Guimont, Québec
2011 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
2010 Gallery Gevik, Toronto
2008 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
2008 Galerie d’Art d’Outremont, Outremont
2008 Gallery Gevik, Toronto
2006 Gallery Gevik, Toronto
2006 Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario
2005 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
2004 Musée du Québec
2004 Winnipeg Art Gallery
2004 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
2003 Musée du Québec
2003 The Art Company, Toronto
2002 Moore Gallery, Toronto
2002 Art Sutton, Sutton, Québec
2001 Centre d’Exposition de Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec
2001 Moore Gallery, Toronto
2001 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
2000 Moore Gallery, Toronto
1999 Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault St. Marie
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1997 Moore Gallery, Toronto
1997 Waddington & Gorce Gallery, Montreal
1997 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal
1996 Art Sutton, Sutton, Québec
1994 Moore Gallery, Hamilton
1993 Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto
1992 Waddington & Gorce Gallery, Montreal
1991 Moore Gallery, Hamilton
1991 The 291 Gallery, Toronto
1990 Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario
1990 Moore Gallery, Hamilton
1989 Concordia Art Gallery
1989 Moore Gallery, Hamilton
1988 Moore Gallery, Hamilton
1988 Preston Burke Gallery, Detroit
1988 Waddington & Gorce Gallery, Montreal
1987 Preston Burke Gallery, Detroit
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1979 The Ardwin Gallery, Detroit
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1976 Algoma Festival of Technical Arts, Sault-St. Marie
1976 Arras Gallery, New York
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1975 Vibrations Coloreés, Place des Arts, Montreal
1974 Arras Gallery, New York
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1963 Université of Sherbrooke
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1961 Here and Now Gallery, Toronto
1961 Museé des Beaux-Arts, Montreal
1959 Galerie Denyse Delrue, Montreal
1958 Galerie Artek, Montreal
1956 Galerie L’Actuelle, Montreal
1955 Galerie L’Echourie, Montreal
Professional Activities